Leadership and Motivation In Lean Times




What does leadership have to do with motivation? Everything! We live in an era of widespread budget cuts, extensive layoffs, and pervasive uncertainty. Asking employees and leaders to do more and more with less and less is depleting our human resources. In lean times, effective leadership is more critical than ever.

This book was written for leaders of government organizations, but the leadership principles apply to all leaders. Leadership and Motivation in Lean Times covers all the essentials: core principles, leadership styles, LEAN management, communication, innovation, diversity, transition, accountability and resiliency. However, this is not your tLeadership-bookypical leadership book. It directly addresses topics often considered taboo and untouchable:  Are leaders responsible for low morale, motivation and productivity?  Why is ineffective leadership allowed to continue?  What stops people from holding leaders accountable?  How does someone qualify to be an elected official?  Why are employees so afraid to speak up?  How do we balance bureaucracy and flexibility in a competitive global economy? What are some strategies for making effective decisions in extremely uncertain times?

In this book, the author covers topics related to leadership: how to keep employees motivated, LEAN management, leading through change, embracing diversity, positive recognition and celebration, accountability, and resiliency.

What is different about this book is the insider point of view – the author has been through the changes and layoffs, the good times and lean times. She asks the tough questions and shares some practical and down-to earth answers.

You will find a wealth of practical information you can start using today: – Five steps to managing transition and implementing change – Strategies for decision making in uncertain times – Six steps of non-defensive communication – Five steps to holding people accountable – Loads of motivational tips and tools – And much more… This book is a call to action: Pay attention to your people, and take a deeper look at your leadership role today.


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